Extension Mobility Remote Login/Logout without PIN in Python

Whilst trying to automate some mundane networking tasks in Python, I’ve started looking our UC environment. This lead me to a great post (thanks!) here:


I’m by no means a coder, but I’ve converted the PowerShell script from there into a Python version (feel free to suggest a more PEP8 improvement), that uses the Requests library.

Some uses for this is to make a web app to see who is logged in where and give the ability to log them out remotely. Alternatively, provide a Windows login/log off script that automatically logs a user into their handset (users with no roles can log themselves in/out, whilst users with the EM Authentication Proxy Rights role can login/logout any user).

Ingredients Used:

If you want to try this out it should work on most UCM versions and I think in Py3, but to rule out any incompatibilities, my environment was:

  • Python 2.7
  • Requests 2.9.1
  • CUCM 10.5(1)
  • Softphone

The Code:

Change the hard coded variables for your own and comment in/out the logout/in respectively:

#! /usr/bin/env python
import getpass
import requests

cucm_server = "CUCM"
mac = "000000000002"
device = "SEP" + mac
emuser = "emuser"
appEmProxyUser = "appemadmin"
appPw = getpass.getpass(prompt="Enter the EMProxyUser password: ")

uri = "http://" + cucm_server + ":8080/emservice/EMServiceServlet"
headers = {"Content-Type":

parameters = "<request>"
parameters += "<appInfo><appID>" + appEmProxyUser +\
 "</appID><appCertificate>" + appPw + "</appCertificate></appInfo>"

# parameters += "<logout><deviceName>" + device + "</deviceName></logout>"
parameters += "<login><deviceName>" + device + "</deviceName><userID>" +\
 emuser + "</userID></login>"

parameters += "</request>"

r = requests.post(uri,

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